Tedessca Golden Retrievers is proudly situated in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia.

Our Goldens have earnt themselves some valued achievements in Confirmation Showing, travelling as far north to Cairns North Queensland and to as far south as Sarina, Qld. We have also achieved titles in Obedience Rally and have started our girl Cassie off in a career of Tracking.

Regardless whether we win or lose, our Golden Retrievers travel along home with us as winners - Not like a piece of merchandise...

Our daughter often helps out in the show ring with the Goldens and competes successfully in Junior Handlers. She also enjoys handling other different breeds where she can and is quite a fast learner. She has won the national 'Best New Handler Award' 2011 for dogzonline in her age group. Well done Jess!!


We are proud current financial members of:

The CCCQ (Dogs QLD);

The Golden Retriever Club Queensland;

The Golden Retriever Club Victoria;

The Canine Obedience Club Townsville.



In the early years before Golden's became a part of our lives and with a very young family of three children, my husband's form of employment always kept us on the move. We had often spoken of acquiring a family dog and had both agreed that it would always be a Golden Retriever. However, relocating on average every twelve months prevented us from doing so as we both knew it would not work with the possibility of rentals not allowing dogs. So we patiently waited…

We finally settled in Townsville and our journey began with this beautiful breed.

Our love affair began with these beautiful dogs when we were fortunate enough to take on board our first Golden boy the almighty ‘Teddy Bear’. We had no desire to be a part of the show world as all we wanted was a family pet, however it was through him that I inevitably developed a taste for the show ring and through him that led us to where we are today.

Our Goldens happily greet us everyday with something in their mouths, whether it be a toy, leaf or a big massive palm frond where they will endeavour to bring it to you with great gusto which is quite a sight J. They always enjoy having a good chat with us too at every chance they get – YES Goldens can talk in their own audible fashion, and provide us with a huge smile full of teeth accompanied with a big happy go lucky wagging tail!!!

Our Goldens provide us with pure joy in being in our company and have certainly made their mark.

It is through Ted and our girl Cassie on how we formed our prefix name ‘Tedessca’.

All our dogs have had Hips and Elbows x-rayed and scored. Eye screens are done yearly by a canine ophthalmologist which are current and up to date.


Tedessca Golden Retrievers do not support or condone the activity of backyard breeders or puppy mills and will not export overseas...© 2010


Contact Details

Josie Hibble
Townsville, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]